Guest Speaker William Falduti

Guest Speaker William Falduti

The invasions of Normandy, France and Holland

“… William Falduti had his 20th birthday in France. Two months later, in December 1944, the Army corporal was a Jeep driver with the 82nd Airborne 505 Parachute Infantry Regiment delivering mortar shells to frozen Allied outposts defending the crossroads at Bastogne, Belgium.

The German troops desperately needed to take the crossroad. Bastogne was critical to the success of the Battle of the Bulge, Hitler’s last gasp effort to end the war on his own terms. Bill ‘the battling bastard of Bastogne’ wasn’t going to give up without a fight…”

Stop by to hear the rest of the story

told by this veteran who parachuted into Normandy on D-Day, June 6, 1944

earning two purple hearts and fighting the third reich to the end of the war.

May 29, 2009


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